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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Here’s Chip and his family. With three kids 3 and under (bless them!). Their kids are so sweet, mellow and adorable. I’m so glad we finally found the time to come together and get some family shots!

The Cahills are a riot. I was told in advance that getting their pictures done, with these tomboys, was not the highlight of the day. There is no way that getting dressed up was a part of it. So I played with them and got some really memorable sister shots.

Many fun portrait sessions

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Summer has been so good to me. My girls and I have been to the beach, twice, to Conesus in upstate NY, thrice, and home doing some Girl Scouts camps, twice. And here I am squeeking in a little time to do some shoots–and here’s little glimpse.

This was my third time to visit Juliet, and now she has a brand new baby brother. Which, if she was like my daughter Bella, wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world. “Baby? But I want all the attention still!”

This is my second visit to Spencer (first in on my web–the screaming newborn with the fluffy white pup coming in). I couldn’t believe the change–he is adorable!

Jessica & Jim are getting married in October in Deep Creek. I am SO excited to go and have with fun!

Matthew… the boy of never ending movement and fun. He was so much fun to chase down at his home, the park and then the zoo. Mom is having a baby anyday now, so here’s a glimpse of their family at 3:

OMG–this Roopali, Johnny, Grace & Teddy rocked me. They were ready to play and get down & dirty.

Alexander was the sweetest little guy. Here he is, just a month old (but four weeks early). I got my newborn fix this day:

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