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Time for vacation!

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

My fall has been so busy, I am glad to finally have down time. A whole week devoted to play and fun in La Quinta with my family, sisters & their family, and Grumpa. All I need to do is pack!

Here are the latest sessions.

Carol Leigh stopped by with Gregg to get some shots for their engagement. They are getting married in Austin in February. They are really sweet together.

Sofia. Sofia. Sofia. This kid is priceless. I wish I had 1/2 of her energy. Greg and Nichole are just the best to work with. This was the second year with frigid temperatures. Except this year, it was really windy. They had a blast with it, ran around and played, then stopped at McLean Family Restaurant for a little warm-up. I just love them.

Sometimes the kids just aren’t in the mood to play with the camera. But Mireille and Culin warmed up to it and we got some adorable family pictures all over their new home. I can’t believe how much Mireille has changed over the past year. She went from being an adorable toddler to a beautiful little girl. And Culin–he is 110% boy. So much fun to with. And #3 is coming right up in March. Blessings to them!

I met Ava and Kim for the first time earlier this week. Ava gets out of the car with the gummiest, happiest baby smile I’ve ever seen. She is so cute. In the studio, she decided to display her more serious side. She is just adorable at 3 months old. Look at her!

More November

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Two great sessions in row made my life EASY.

Sam and Hannah… I have never seen such a sweet bond between a brother and sister. I hope they are always this close with one another. It is so touching!

I finally got to meet Connor! I shot Jamie & Nathan’s wedding a few years ago, and here is their first of many (four!) kids they would like to have. Well, Nathan would love to have. Connor was the smiliest, happiest-go-lucky baby. They could keep on having them if Connor is any indication of the temperment they mix up and produce. wow… cool kid.

More happiness and sessions

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Brandon is happy to welcome his baby sister Dylan. Will you just look at how cute she is? Such a big blessing in their lives…

This is the second time I’ve gotten to meet the Schulenbergs, but this time I got to play with all of them. They are a fun family with beautiful boys (one of which had enough of the session by the end). I can’t help but to love the big tears

If it doesn’t say Libby Libby Libby… She is flippin’ cute. My gosh I got my baby fix that day. She reminded me so much of our Nut.

So much fun! I got to second shoot for Chip on the 1st of November for Ben & Melissa. They chose Glen Echo and the bumper car pavilion for their reception. It was amazing!

November is here. already!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008
Halloween is about the most fun holiday ever. Our girls decided to be Cindy Lauper and a Fairy. I’ve said for years that Bella is either Bjork, Betsey Johnson or Cindy Lauper with her clothing taste, and now she has confirmed it. All on her own she saw a magazine picture of an 80s rockstar and decided THAT is who she will be. We did the neighborhood trick-or-treating for the first time this year. Bella loved it and ran with glee. Lisee gave up–her feet hurt. So she sat and waited on a stoop for Bella to return in the dark, dark night. And she also decided some doors were too scary to walk up to.

We are *so* excited to be headed to the desert for Thanksgiving to meet up with my sisters and their family. But in the meantime, I’ve got work to do! It’s the final push for portrait sessions and weddings.

The Moeller Twins are getting so big. I met when they were first born and just fell in love. Now they are precocious, sweet toddlers with the sweetest parents around, including a Daddy that wanted to be there for the pics.

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