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Rounding out the season!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Whew! I feel like a I made it. Now I get to hang with my family, have guests over dinner, and enjoy the beginning of the holidays.

Here are the latest rounds of shoots:

The Gonzales family “won” me two years in a row at the Birdie Tournament. We had a frigid day to deal with, so we stuck inside when we could. These little kids just stole my heart.

Their 120 lb German Shepherd was so cute.

I got to meet Adam, and what a joy. He is a VERY active 8 month-old boy that made me work really hard to even get him in the frame! We had a lot of laughs trying to keep up with him.

Carson! Carson! Carson! He is all boy now, running and playing hard. His folks keep up with him and were right there, getting dirty and having fun.

Home from the Desert

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

My oh my. That was PERFECT! I loved our getaway to the desert. I got to walk away from my crazy schedule, sit back to watch the girls swim ALL day, drink some wine and chill. We all loved it. Great way to spend thanksgiving.

The twins are priceless

the water bugs

Daddy’s little girls

Alex is such an angel looking up at Santa

Santa stopped in to check on the kids

Our Nut. So brave and SO proud of herself. Jumping off the wall.

RW–I got a good snicker out of him.

Our Huntington Beach stop

Joy to the world

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