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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Here we are… getting ready for the holidays:

For Thanksgiving, the Griffith sisters and their families hooked up in Sonoma with our Dad. Pretty sweet set up with a rental (thanks Pops), just a few minutes from town.

go O go! CUTE baby

And the Flynn Kids… they left us in Great Falls and took over our place in CA. Something went wrong here.

Uncle Jeffie must give good kisses.

the twins… so scrumptious

yup. Bella made me kitty.

This is one of the best parts of my job, meeting brand new babies. Meet Sydney…

Little Rascals…

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I am headed to Sonoma and SF for 9 days starting tomorrow. To say I am looking forward to hanging with my kids is an understatement. But before I left, I had a couple of kids to go and visit. Oh, they are fun!!!

Liza is a little angel–not quite sure what she was doing with the paparazzi (me).

Oh Adam–it’s been a long time since I had to work that hard to keep up with a litttle guy. You little muffin…

Noah–our little guy Noah is almost one. You go guy!

November Fun

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I’ve had a lot good in my life this November. My kids are doing fantastic in so many ways. If I could just bottle them up at this age so I can remember the fun. My business is crazy as usual in November. Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn away a bunch of long term clients–I don’t have the time to do any more sessions. Being a full-time Mom makes being a full-time plus photographer impossible. Finding my balance means turning away too much work. Next year, I will need to create a spring-time newsletter to prompt my clients to book early. I *hate* not seeing some of these kids grow this year, though I hope I hooked them up with some good photographers…

Halloween was fun. I was hoping to really get the girls dressed up, but they decided to be a fairy princess (with “invisible wings” since the wings were too much of a pain for her to wear) and a hippie, all on their own. Mind you, I think my hippie looks more like Axl Rose.

I started the month heading to Austin and Dallas for the Foundation Conference. Seeing my girl Janet in Austin was just what the doctor ordered. It was 15 years since we had sat together and 7 years since we had lost touch after some moves (thank you facebook). We picked up right where we left off…

So my friend Anna IS moving. To Nashville. It’s been hanging over my head for a year now. She gave us three weeks notice, so I had a girl’s night at my house for her. I will miss her. Her grounded-ness. Her presence. Her ear. Her heart.

I set up a little photo booth at my house to get some fun pics. My kids and man helped get me primed.

And I worked too…

OMG… Ellie has her hands full. Evan and Ben were beating the $%^& out of each other during the whole session. She can hold out hope the Audrey will be … calm. ; )

Julie and Frederick are … busy. 4, 2 and 0. When I came they 2 out of 3 had nasty colds. When I gave them their pics, Mom was down with H1N1. But they rallied:

I got to hook up with Jack and Clare after only being apart 3 months. Daddy is in Afghanistan now, not back for quite a few more months. They were so good. Just great kids, and so much fun.

Ride to Thrive and more…

Monday, October 26th, 2009

My first polo match ever (can’t believe it–5 years in VA and I haven’t made it to a single Gold Cup) is behind the camera. I gifted a day’s worth of shooting to Ride To Thrive, simply because it is worth it!

My So Cool Sokols. I’ve been getting together with this family for a couple of years, finding new places to play every year. This year we met some rain and clouds at Glen Echo Park. I LOVE this place and family!

The Gonzalazes first met me through The Trevor Birdie Davis Annual Golf Tournament–a charity saving childrens’ lives by training teachers in Infant Swim Resource. They bought my services at the silent auction, and have been become regulars since. The kids are just adorable…

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