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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I was so fortunate to have such a blessed 2008 watching my girls grow another year and becoming evening sweeter and more fun than the year before, having my business become so busy I (unfortunately) turned away more business than I kept, and took my first workshops ever (3 in one year). I love that I keep growing into this business.

First I took Kuperskool by Anna Kuperberg. She showed me the light in so many ways. The most important–make my art for me, and people will come. She showed me that being true to yourself makes you less of a commodity. It is so true, and I know that is where I will grow in 2009.

Second I took the Roots Workshop run by Emilie. This was an amazing, thoughtful, and challenging experience for me as a photographer. I learned so much through discomfort. At the beginning of the workshop, they asked what I was most uncomfortable with as a photographer. For sure–small, cramped & dark places. That is exactly what they assigned me to. It’s 2AM and I have to be at the 74-year old Four Seas Ice Cream in 3 hours, ready to shoot the making of ice cream. So there I was, unsure of how to tackle this. I changed through this, as did my photography. And one of the loveliest parts was watching everyone else attending this workshop go through similar situations and hear their stories. The insight and beauty in these artists was overwhelming. I’m so much stronger in so many ways. I can’t thank Emilie, Tyler Wirken, Jennifer Domenick, Greg Gibson and Arnie Miller enough for sharing all of your insights with me.

First a few of the people that shared in the experience:

Eric Laurits…you just have to check out his stuff. He is amazing.
Now you couldn’t ask for a more down to earth guy that… Ty Miller
My team leader, Arnie Miller, and his daughter.
And my roommate Meredith! You can’t find a nicer person…
And all the rest of the participants were amazing, in each their
own way.

Now some images from Four Seas: The first just makes me smile whenever I see it.
It is where ice cream goes…

Oh my. It was COLD.
Talk about environmental challenges–setting up lighting in here.
Take out for the dogs…
I didn’t eat enough while there.
This ice cream is lip-smacking good
Or nose-licking. ick!
Four Seas at Night–line out the door
The line goes on and on… all night.

Later in the fall I drove up to North Jersey for Onelight. All I can say is “TAKE IT!” Zack knows how to teach and put things into your head. It was perfect!

And I have on more workshop in the line up, and I can’t flippin’ wait! The FW Workshop. The became a member of the FWForum last year after reading about the FW6 workshop on someone’s blog. The forum has been the best place for me learn about the business I am in. The photographers on the site are the best around and everyone shares their knowledge openly. Joining the FW Forum is the best $250 I have ever spent on my photography.

But it’s 2009, I’m back to work–and here’s a sneak peak at Alex. He’s turning one and, much to his dismay, had to put on the traditional Korean garb. Ahem. He didn’t like. He much prefered naked as a jaybird.

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