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Ride to Thrive and more…

Monday, October 26th, 2009

My first polo match ever (can’t believe it–5 years in VA and I haven’t made it to a single Gold Cup) is behind the camera. I gifted a day’s worth of shooting to Ride To Thrive, simply because it is worth it!

My So Cool Sokols. I’ve been getting together with this family for a couple of years, finding new places to play every year. This year we met some rain and clouds at Glen Echo Park. I LOVE this place and family!

The Gonzalazes first met me through The Trevor Birdie Davis Annual Golf Tournament–a charity saving childrens’ lives by training teachers in Infant Swim Resource. They bought my services at the silent auction, and have been become regulars since. The kids are just adorable…

Adam & Jen–October 17th

Monday, October 26th, 2009

I’ve had to two *perfect* weekends in a row and more to come. I celebrated my last wedding of the season by headbanging in the after party and then heading to CA for a girls’ weekend with some of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met. Kudos to my girls for being so easy and kisses to my guy for being there for me and them.

I *tried* to make my blog a place for people to see little sneak peaks of photos to come, but shoot, my clients gets their photos online and then I put them on the blog. I would much rather get all of the images to them and then worry about the getting some of my favorite up, with a few rare exceptions.

Jen and Adam are on of my exceptions. I posted on FB for all their friends to see before the left for their honeymoon. I love this couple, their family and their friends. Just delicious, stellar people.

So they picked a beautiful fall weekend for a Stone Harbor NJ wedding. Mother Nature delivered a fierce Nor’easter, with incredible amounts of wind, rain and flooding. But we ran with it and lived in the day, making for a memorable wedding perfectly suited to them.

Rockstars I tell you!

Jen and Brian — September 26th

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Jenn and Brian are beautifully welcoming people with a beautiful medley of family and friends. They have a sweet, honest love together and a flair for fun. I loved shooting this:

It’s that time of year!

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Here’s a little peak on all the cuteness I’ve got going on in my life.

Beth asked me to get her WHOLE family. All sixteen of them, and a couple of her playing with Ben and Bryce:

Some of my favorite people:

Every year I come to see Charlotte, Jacques and Phelps. And now their baby cousin too:

Oh. My. Goodness. Double the trouble with these boys! So much fun!

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