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2010 starts off sweet

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I am cruising through 2010 with some great sessions, fun times with the girls (including a ski weekend starting tomorrow), and I’m sticking with my New Year’s resolutions, mostly.

Every year I find I have to turn away too much business in the fall and still I stressed. I can’t manage all my balls in my air with the grace I want. I learned to say “no” much more in 2009, learned to maybe not take things so personally, but I still haven’t learned to not be stressed. So for 2010 I vowed to devote some time to meditation almost every day AND get on my mat. And breath. Talk from my heart. I finally opened a good book which gives me incredible daily words of wisdom, and sometimes it talks so honestly to me I am afraid to admit it.

So check in with me in the fall to see how I’m holding up…

This is the third time I’ve met up with Penelope, and she just keeps getting more and more scrumptious. Just look at her:

These peeps are a riot and I love meeting up with them, from their wedding to their now THREE girls. Go Ruizes Go!

I am seeing some cute babies here!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

January is filled with cute babies, and I get to meet up with three more next week. Now that my babies are not-so-babies, I can really enjoy these.

My weddings for fall are starting to book up. Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn away a few great couples–I wasn’t available on the dates they needed. I think that’s the way it goes…

So here’s some good stuff.

First, I finally traveled out to meet Elana and Jon’s triplets. It only took me a year. I shot their wedding almost 4 years ago in Detroit. Now they have beautiful one-year old triplets. I so admire Elana’s grace in handling this life changing event. She and her kids are so happy…

Isabel is a sweet & sassy little thing that I had a ball trying to keep up with. Her best move of the day was “hiding”, by laying on the floor and covering her eyes. Nope, we couldn’t see her. And her little bro’ Elliot was more than scrumptious, and tired of the paparazzi by the time I left.

And on the personal note, nothing beats a birthday party in my girls’ eyes, except maybe Santa. And the cherry on the cake–it was a bowling party!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

I have to say, I think having a 5 and 7 year old IS the best in parenting. I hope I am wrong, and I hope it only gets better. Our Christmas was priceless. Lisee was thrilled, if a little confused by Santa bringing BIG horses (like American Girl size, not Barbie size). Then it clicked. “Oh. I wrote BIG horses to Santa. I meant big horses, not BIG horses.” And Bella. Well she had tears of joy, real tears of joy, when she opened her second gift. It wasn’t the gift, it was the whole experience. It really was Christmas, and she really was getting these presents. And it was really was as good as she thought it might be.

I just want to bottle it up this time. Or at least take little sips of it.

But here I am in the New Year already and starting off January nice and slow. I booked two weddings right before Christmas to two couples that are really just perfect together and for me. And now I have a few portrait sessions this month.

Here are some pictures from last month that I never posted. I am under pressure every year. “We can’t wait to get your card this year!” “What’s the shot this year.” After this, I am sending the girls to Sears portrait. I’m not sure how to top this one, taken during the first snow of the season:

And Sophie… the most scrumptious muffin and with most proud parents. Love them:

And one more… my special breakfast dragon:

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