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Modern Family Photography: Moj & crew!

Mojy… Mojy… Mojy… Catching up Mojy the day before her trip home to Iran (crazy–didn’t she have 5 million things to do?) was so much fun. We rolled in grass, played, cuddled and giggled. She gives so much to her family, and she and Afshin have this wonderful playful marriage. It’s truly beautiful to be […]

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Modern Family Portraits: Parker rocks!

I can’t believe Parker is only 5! He is such a sports-minded kid with some serious skill. Kids got my bottom kicked with a hockey stick and any ball. But, well, that isn’t saying much. For years Tracy has wanted pictures that she is in too. We got them! They are adorable, and totally capture […]

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Modern Portrait Photography: Kitty & Go-lee-shay sashay

Before I start rambling on about how much I love and will miss the Trinh and all the members of her family when we relocate to the Bay Area, I need to start with the fifth member of our family.  Kitty, Lisee’s favorite love for 6 years, brings out the best in our family–she is […]

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