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Modern Portrait Photography: Kids on the go

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Often, I feel pangs of sadness when I see pictures of families that I got to know while holding my camera. I’ve stayed in touch with many DC-ish families through Facebook (which is great to see), but I actually get to see some in person, especially when they move near Conesus, where we visit every summer.

These kids are as cute and vivacious as they come. Sitting pretty for a camera is not high on their list, but having fun is to the whole lot. And we got some great shots! I love a family that plays:


This year I dabbled in a few corporate jobs. Eventually I will need to create a site just for corporate work. I don’t think kids and corporate mix.


See what I mean?

Senior Portraits: Effervescent Em

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Some people have those smiles that not only lights their face, but their entire being, and Em is one. Over the years, during our many trips to NY, I have watched Em blossom into the beautiful this beautiful young woman.

Isn’t she totally and completely lovely?


An added bonus: Her brother too!

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