Many, many portrait sessions

It is definitely October–one of the most favorite months of the year for portrait sessions. The weather is amazing, the colors are perfect, and people are getting into the fall routine.
It’s been a whirlwind October.

Halloween is a great holiday. Kev and I played Axl and Slash. snicker. : ) Not many men look good in short shorts.
Nicole is so beautiful, in so many ways. She is completely eccentric with fabulous taste and an amazing artist that does beautiful commissioned work all over. She did my “L” logo for me, and as an added thank you, I wanted to take some pictures of her. She was a great model.
I took the onelight workshop in Orange, NJ on Tuesday the 21st and got to use my chops for this shoot. I LOVED it!

Juliana is so delicious as almost one-year old. I can’t get enough of chubby bottoms in tutus. I was so glad to head into DC to meet up with her and Mom.

The Wolks were so much fun and were perfectly suited to the relaxed lifestyle session we did at Meadowlark Gardens. They were chilled, ready to roll in the leaves, and be very patient waiting for the kids to get used to me and the camera. Lots of love in this family.

The Henrys live right up the road and have three of the most photogenic children I have ever met. Will you just look at them? And real smiles to boot. Great kids!

Declan is just so yummy and so handsome and I was glad to Mom right in there with him. Too often, Mom is behind the camera. Years go by before you realize there aren’t good pictures of you and the kids. We got them here! Great baby! Great Mom!

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