October 12th–Kathleen & Peter

It can be a strange thing–walking into someone’s life for one of the most important days of their life–and becoming very involved in their lives for just one day. There has to be a lot of trust there.

So I barely know Kathleen and Peter, and I think by their own admission they classify themselves as eccentric. Kathleen is an absolute riot and so good natured. She found her match in Peter, whom complements Kathleen with reserve and genuine love. Their love was obvious, genuine and real.

They chose a pumpkin patch at United Methodist of North Bethesda as their ceremony site and then the Church’s hall for the reception–an old fashioned BBQ. It really could not have been better. Her bridemaid’s t-shirt cracked me up.

her big melons–she couldn’t resist

leapin’ brides–in her bridal keds

they were so beautiful on the dance floor. They just glided.

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