November is here. already!

Halloween is about the most fun holiday ever. Our girls decided to be Cindy Lauper and a Fairy. I’ve said for years that Bella is either Bjork, Betsey Johnson or Cindy Lauper with her clothing taste, and now she has confirmed it. All on her own she saw a magazine picture of an 80s rockstar and decided THAT is who she will be. We did the neighborhood trick-or-treating for the first time this year. Bella loved it and ran with glee. Lisee gave up–her feet hurt. So she sat and waited on a stoop for Bella to return in the dark, dark night. And she also decided some doors were too scary to walk up to.

We are *so* excited to be headed to the desert for Thanksgiving to meet up with my sisters and their family. But in the meantime, I’ve got work to do! It’s the final push for portrait sessions and weddings.

The Moeller Twins are getting so big. I met when they were first born and just fell in love. Now they are precocious, sweet toddlers with the sweetest parents around, including a Daddy that wanted to be there for the pics.

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