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Having one weekend off from weddings put me right into some portrait sessions. Now I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed, but this VA has been crazy. It is raining every day, with really strong thunder storms. I’ve had to either cancel sessions and reschedule, or go for it.

Yesterday I was so excited to have a maternity shoot set. I walked around the lushness outside and found the perfect spot between two trees to shoot. And then it poured from the moment she arrived. Our indoor shots were incredible and fun–we worked it. Unfortunately I can not share any of the images. That’s what happens when you work by CIA headquaters. It was a unique session, with lots of laughs. Just wonderful.

But here are some I can show:

Penelope is two months old and so completely aware she took me by surprise. She must be an old soul…

I visited the Easleys over a year ago to document their new addition, now middle child, and their toddler. Now they have three–2, 1 and newborn. I show up and hear the screams and cries from the outside. I expect this when coming to visit kids so young, but the parents never expect it. You’ve got to roll with it. I think all of their images together would be a perfect coffee table book, because they will look back on it and not believe how crazy their life was at that moment!

And a different pregancy shoot when a friend Marlo and my daughter’s BFF came over to let me try some new lighting ideas in my studio. Could anyone be any more goreous while pregnant? And when is this baby going to come and meet us?

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  1. Christine Meulemans Photography says:

    These are all beautiful, Linda!!

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