It’s been so long….

It certainly isn’t that I haven’t been busy enough. I’ve got a lot of work to share! But I am in the midst of getting a new blog and have finally been taught how to upload images! Wow. This is so much easier…

Meredith and Danny were married in Fredericksburg on June 20. Meredith happened to be one of the most adorably nervous brides ever. She and Danny pulled off a perfect day, with so much love and happiness…

I set out to the Friedmans one evening for a couple hours of play. Their girls, only months apart, were a ton of fun to play with. I *love* some of the images we got!

I first met Declan when he just a new born. Here he is at 364 days old. He is just precious!

Heather and Chase were married at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, MD on June 27th. Heather and I finally met a couple of weeks before her wedding. Heather has the sweetest style about her. Their wedding was simply wonderful.

I met Zoe & Max for the first time. I headed into the DC to play with them all over their house and over to the park for a spill of fun. We got some great shots of this beautiful family!

I met Connor for the first time, finally. After many raindates and a trip to the ER before one scheduled session–we meet. Connor is completely delicious, and Mommy and Daddy could not be more proud!

Jonathon, Katherine and Alexander. I love this family. Jonathon is the sweetest young man leading the way for his twin siblings. I loved spending a couple of hours at their home getting into their big lives with a lot of laughs and love.

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