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Headed back to Cali!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

We had a BIG trip to California. I yanked the girls out of the comfy VA home to play in their homeland. I had plenty of pregnant ladies and a very happy family event to shoot during our stay.

Happy Birthday Big Guy. And just for that, you get some bunny ears and a sloppy kiss from Nut. We were at Sam’s in Tiburon–it’s as beautiful as I remembered.


We headed up to Healdsburg to spend the day at Truett Hurst winery. This place is amazing with delicious wines. It really, really made me miss California.  It’s situated right on Dry Creek and was perfect for photos.  I wish I could bring it to VA with me.

Jen and Mark:  Baby boy coming his way in May


Some people just can’t take life seriously.  Eunice–twins are due in June.  Dave–just eating for two.


Tana is always, always beautiful.  But she gets even more radiant with a baby boy on board:

Meredith and Bailey. Pure Newborn Love:


Jen and Mark and their shower. It’s so, so good when a family can laugh together at speeches that contain lines like “And finally get winky dink.” The first grandson is making his way into the Griffith Family. Love this moment:


Go Jen Go!


Go Nut Go!


I am seeing some cute babies here!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

January is filled with cute babies, and I get to meet up with three more next week. Now that my babies are not-so-babies, I can really enjoy these.

My weddings for fall are starting to book up. Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn away a few great couples–I wasn’t available on the dates they needed. I think that’s the way it goes…

So here’s some good stuff.

First, I finally traveled out to meet Elana and Jon’s triplets. It only took me a year. I shot their wedding almost 4 years ago in Detroit. Now they have beautiful one-year old triplets. I so admire Elana’s grace in handling this life changing event. She and her kids are so happy…

Isabel is a sweet & sassy little thing that I had a ball trying to keep up with. Her best move of the day was “hiding”, by laying on the floor and covering her eyes. Nope, we couldn’t see her. And her little bro’ Elliot was more than scrumptious, and tired of the paparazzi by the time I left.

And on the personal note, nothing beats a birthday party in my girls’ eyes, except maybe Santa. And the cherry on the cake–it was a bowling party!

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