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2010 starts off sweet

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I am cruising through 2010 with some great sessions, fun times with the girls (including a ski weekend starting tomorrow), and I’m sticking with my New Year’s resolutions, mostly.

Every year I find I have to turn away too much business in the fall and still I stressed. I can’t manage all my balls in my air with the grace I want. I learned to say “no” much more in 2009, learned to maybe not take things so personally, but I still haven’t learned to not be stressed. So for 2010 I vowed to devote some time to meditation almost every day AND get on my mat. And breath. Talk from my heart. I finally opened a good book which gives me incredible daily words of wisdom, and sometimes it talks so honestly to me I am afraid to admit it.

So check in with me in the fall to see how I’m holding up…

This is the third time I’ve met up with Penelope, and she just keeps getting more and more scrumptious. Just look at her:

These peeps are a riot and I love meeting up with them, from their wedding to their now THREE girls. Go Ruizes Go!

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