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Vashon Senior Portraits: I love plants

Friday, November 13th, 2015

I have been wow-ed by young woman! During our pre-consultation I asked her what her favorite things are and I was hooked..


Do you do sports? What are your activities?

“Debate club. The paper–Riptide.”

Do you like Shinglemill?

“Love it.”

Perfect–I know exactly what to do. Dress how you feel good about yourself–how you see yourself. Feel free to bring a change of clothes. I’ll come to your home and we’ll go from there.

She bubbled right up through the lens. “I’m not really awkward.”

No.  She isn’t.

I hear/read/see to often “I don’t know…  kids today are (any derogatory word),”out of the mouths and minds of many.  Not where I’m looking.  The kids today?  They’re more than fine.


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