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Snow, Snow, Snow and a little angel

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

The second big snow storm to hit VA was even better and bigger than the first in December. The trees still have their snow on them, even though it stopped snowing yesterday. And we are still stuck at home–Kev tried to get out the driveway, and despite 4WD, he got only 50 feet. And then had to dig his out of being stuck. So we are waiting for the plow–we *could* be shoveling, but I think we’re done. 4 hours and we hardly touched it. And this is after the plow visiting twice during the storm. What a fun, beautiful, lovely white mess. The best part was walking right down our very busy road. It reminded me a living in NYC years ago when Guiliano shut down the city. Being pulled down Park Avenue on a sled by a girlfriend will forever being imprinted in my brain.

I met the sweetest little Angel Avry and got to see Noah again. Avry is beautiful. Mike and Erin are doing beautifully. And Noah is going right along, learning and growing. He is the sweetest little guy, still struggling with complications from being shaken at his daycare last April, but he is doing great. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

6 days old and counting

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Meeting up with the Wodas again was more sweetness in my life. Their lively home is even more full of fun with a boy and a girl. Shooting two-year olds is always exciting, and this little one gave me the full range of emotions. I love that stuff. And their little baby girl:

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